Convert any recipe to your air fryer: ideas and examples

  • Many oven, stovetop and deep-fryer recipes may be transformed to an air fryer.
  • Regulate the temperature and cooking time when changing recipes to keep away from over-cooking.
  • Don’t air-fry moist meals and meals wrapped in moist batter as a result of they won’t brown correctly.

For those who love your air fryer, however you’ve got exhausted your assortment of air-fryer recipes, attempt changing deep-fried, roasted, or pan-fried recipes.

“You’ll be able to flip nearly any recipe from the range or oven into an air fryer,” says Linda Larson, creator of a number of air fryer cookbooks, together with “The Full Air Fryer Cookbook.”

Loads of recipes like French Fries, Hen Wings, Roasted Veggies, Garlic Bread, Crab Muffins, Pork Chops, Egg Rolls, and way more may be changed into an air fryer. “Whereas deep-fried meals are the apparent option to make within the air fryer, you may get nice outcomes from different forms of dishes as effectively,” says Larsen, including to roasted meats and even baked items like muffins. Contained gadgets are additionally included.

Larson recommends avoiding moist meals, reminiscent of closely spiced meals or meals lined in drippy batter. Adjusting the temperature and cooking time of a recipe can be essential when changing from a unique cooking methodology to an air fryer. In any other case, you possibly can simply burn or under-cook a dish, leaving it uncooked within the center.

The rules beneath are begin for turning any oven, deep fry or stovetop recipe into an air fryer.

oven to air fryer conversion

Ovens and air fryers use an analogous methodology of cooking. Each fill an enclosed house with sizzling air, which in flip cooks the meals inside. “The largest distinction you may see is that meals can be extra crisp when cooked in an air fryer as a result of the new air that circulates across the meals raises the floor temperature, leading to extra browning and crisping,” says Larsen.

Larson recommends utilizing a barely decrease temperature and shorter cooking time. Begin by reducing the urged temperature by 25 levels Fahrenheit and decreasing the cooking time by 20%.

The meals must be pretty dry on the skin and including a spritz of canola or vegetable oil will assist with browning. Verify the meals typically to ensure it is not overcooked or burnt, and ensure all of the meat reaches a secure last temperature with a meals thermometer.

oven to air fryer conversion instance

deep fryer to air fryer conversion

Chicken being deep fried

Most dishes which can be deep fried, whether or not in pots or baskets, may be changed into an air fryer.

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Larsen is especially keen on turning deep fried recipes into an air fryer for a number of causes. “Initially, air-frying is more healthy, since you solely want to make use of a small quantity of oil to get the identical outcomes as deep-frying. And an air fryer is safer as a result of you do not have to cope with quarts of boiling sizzling. It is oil,” she says.

Begin by reducing the recipe’s temperature by 25 levels Fahrenheit and verify the meals about midway by the cooking time. You may solely want a lightweight coating of high-heat oil, and you may wish to partially invert the meals or transfer the air fryer basket to ensure it cooks evenly. Preserve the meals as near a single layer as potential or it will not crisp up correctly (you could must cook dinner in batches).

Don’t try to air-fry meals that include a moist batter, reminiscent of most onion rings, beer-brewed fish and tempura. It is because the batter would not set instantly, as does deep frying, and can mess up your air fryer. Powerful batter that stays securely connected to meals is okay.

Deep fryer to air fryer conversion instance

Can You Run an Air Fryer as a Microwave?

Larson doesn’t advocate changing recipes that decision for cooking meals solely within the microwave as a result of the strategies are utterly completely different and you will not get the identical outcomes. For instance, you can not steam in an air fryer, because it makes use of dry warmth and can make meals crisp.

Nevertheless, Larson recommends utilizing an air fryer to reheat a wide range of meals reminiscent of pizza, potatoes, meatloaf, and extra. The air fryer provides meals a extra crisp exterior than a microwave and a moist inside. Set the temperature to 300°F and cook dinner for five minutes, then verify. Prepare dinner extra if wanted, stopping to verify each jiffy.

Air Fryer Conversion Ideas

person putting air-fried potatoes on parchment next to cooked fish

It is very important comply with key ideas, reminiscent of not overcrowding, utilizing little oil, avoiding moist meals, and lots of extra when changing dishes.

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Preserve the following pointers in thoughts when changing recipes for the air fryer:

  • Don’t use moist meals. “Any moist meals won’t work effectively in an air fryer,” Larson says. This contains marinated meats, which will not brown in an air fryer due to the moisture. Dry the meat first and sprinkle with oil. Fully keep away from meals lined in moist batter as they don’t set as quick as deep fryers, which might mess together with your air fryer.
  • Use slightly oil. For browning to happen, you may must coat the meals in slightly little bit of high-heat oil. Spray oil is a good choice.
  • Do not overdo the basket. For max crunchiness and even cooking, lay the meals in a single layer. Many oven, frying and stovetop recipes will yield a whole lot of meals for a small air fryer. For greatest outcomes halve the recipe or cook dinner in batches.
  • Keep away from liquids. When you can add small pans, cups, or dishes to many air fryers to make dishes like muffins or lava truffles, do not be tempted to make use of the system to warmth liquids like soup. There is a excessive likelihood of burning your self over sizzling liquid, particularly if you take away the dish from the air fryer basket, so do not keep on with the microwave or stovetop.
  • Verify meals typically. Since air fryer fashions can differ tremendously, it is essential to verify your dish continuously because it cooks to ensure it would not overcook or burn.
  • Give it a shake to cook dinner it evenly. Give small meals a shake or two whereas air frying in order that they brown evenly, particularly these which can be historically deep fried. This contains fries, tater tots, Brussels sprouts and hen nuggets.

Insider Takeaway

It is simple to transform many oven, stovetop and deep fryer recipes to an air fryer. General, decrease the temperature and scale back the cooking time, checking the meals typically. Keep away from moist meals and moist batter, coat the meals in slightly oil, and do not overcrowd the air fryer basket.

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