Authorities to launch information on July wholesale value inflation at present

At the moment’s Occasions : WPI


HCL Applied sciences to carry its Annual Shareholders’ Assembly

company motion

Sterling & Wilson Renewables OFS Open For Retail Traders

FII/DII information,

Web price of FIIs is Rs. 3040 crore shares as on twelfth August (Precept)

DII shares bought for a web Rs 822 crore on August 12

FII F&O Money Knowledge,

Web purchases of index futures Rs 921 crore

Index choices web purchase Rs 3424 crore

Share futures web purchases Rs 119 crore

Inventory choices promote web Rs 101 cr

F&O Banu

Balrampur Chini Mills, and Delta Corp and Tata Chemical substances

bulk/block deal,


Shriram Metropolis Union Finance

Dynasty Acquisition (FPI) Ltd. has acquired 9.5 lakh shares @ 2000 . promote

Sanghi Industries

FLAREZEAL SOLUTIONS 42.4 . Purchase Share @ 40lk

Kutch Hospital 42.4. bought 42 lakh shares on the charge of


Gayatri Tasks

Nimesh Shashikant Mehta bought 9.5 lakh shares on the charge of 16.02

HP Adhesive

Cent Capital Fund purchased 1 lakh shares on the charge of 443

Shriram Metropolis Union Finance

Dynasty Acquisitions (FPI) Ltd. bought 12.8 lakh shares on the charge of 2000

End result Q1FY23,

Dileep Buildcon (Consolidated, YoY)

Income at Rs. 2884 crore vs Rs. 2438 crore, up 18.3%

Lack of Rs 54 crore versus lack of Rs 16′

Camlin High-quality Sciences (Consolidated, YoY)

Income at Rs. 384 crore vs Rs. 331 cr, up 16%

Web revenue Rs. 5.8 crore vs Rs. 22.3 cr, down -74%

Ebitda Rs. 47 crores vs Rs. 46.5 crore, up 1.1%

EBITDA% 12.24% vs 14.05%

astral (Consolidated, YoY)

Income at Rs. 1213 crore vs Rs. 701 crore, up 73%

Web revenue Rs. 89 crore vs Rs. 74 crore, up 20.3%

Ebitda Rs. 171.7 crore vs Rs. 129.2 crore, up 32.9%

EBITDA% at 14.15% vs 18.43%

Indiabulls Actual Property (Consolidated, YoY)

Income at Rs. 151 crore vs Rs. 519 cr, down -70.9%

Loss Rs. 52 crore vs revenue Rs. 4.7 crore

Board approves difficulty of NCDs

Anil Mittal, CFO resigns from 12 August 2022

Muthoot Finance (Standalone, YoY)

NII Rs. 1540 crore vs Rs. 1701 cr, down -9.5%

Web revenue Rs. 802 crore vs Rs. 971 cr, down -17.4%

Gold AUM Rs. 56176 crore vs Rs. 52068 crore, up 7.9%

solar tv (Consolidated, YoY)

Income at Rs. 1219 crore vs Rs. 819 crore, up 48.8%

Web revenue Rs. 494 crore vs Rs. 365 crore, up 35.3%

Ebitda Rs. 772 crore vs Rs. 487 cr, up 58.5%

EBITDA Margin 63% vs 49.5%

Apollo Tires (Consolidated, YoY)

Income at Rs. 5942 crore vs Rs. 4584 crore, up 29.6%

Web revenue Rs. 191 crore vs Rs. 128 crore, up 49.2%

Ebitda Rs. 690 crores vs Rs. 566 crore, up 21.9%

EBITDA% 11.61% vs 12.35%

Kiri Industries (Consolidated, YoY)

Income at Rs. 277 crore vs Rs. 293 crore, down -5.5%

Rupee. 26 cr. Loss vs. Revenue Rs. 6.7 crore

TCNS Textile (YoY)

Income at Rs. 276 crore vs Rs. 94 crore, up 193.6%

Revenue vs. Loss at Rs 2.4 crores 36 crores

future shopper (Consolidated, YoY)

Income at Rs. 104 crore vs Rs. 305 cr, down -65.9%

Lack of Rs 95 crore vs. lack of Rs 31 crore

zee leisure (Consolidated, YoY)

Income at Rs. 1845 crore vs Rs. 1775 cr, up 3.9%

Web revenue Rs. 106 crore vs Rs. 213 cr, down -50.2%

The reported EBITDA at Rs. 236 crores vs Rs. 344 cr, down -31.4%

EBITDA Margin 12.8% vs 19.4%

Hero Motocorp (Standalone, YoY)

Income at Rs. 8392 crore vs Rs. 5487 crore, up 52.9%

Web revenue Rs. 624 crore vs Rs. 365 crore, up 71%

Ebitda Rs. 940.9 crore vs. Rs. 515 crore, up 82.7%

EBITDA% at 11.21% vs. 9.39%

Eros Worldwide (Consolidated, YoY)

Income at Rs. 36.5 crore vs Rs. 19.6 crore, up 86.2%

Lack of Rs 26 crore vs. lack of Rs 41 crore

ITD Cementation (consolidation, year-over-year)

Income at Rs. 1098 crore vs Rs. 825 crore, up 33.1%

Web revenue Rs. 30 crore vs Rs. 18 crore, up 66.7%

Ebitda Rs. 90 crores vs Rs. 79 crore, up 13.9%

EBITDA% at 8.2% vs. 9.58%

Aegis Logistics (Consolidated, YoY)

Income at Rs. 2235 crore vs Rs. 678 crore, up 229.6%

Web revenue Rs. 103 crore vs Rs. 66 cr, up 56.1%

Repco Residence Finance (Consolidated, YoY)

Income at Rs. 132 crore vs. Rs. 141 crore, down -6.4%

Web revenue Rs. 62 crores vs Rs. 32 crore, up 93.8%

Provisions on the quarter Rs 23 crore vs. Rs 61 crore

LIC (Standalone, YoY)

PAT Rs.683 crore vs Rs.2.94 crore every year

Whole Premium Earnings Rs.98352 Cr vs. Rs.81721 Cr, up 21% YoY

Whole new enterprise premium stood at Rs 10938 crore versus Rs 8040 crore, up 36% year-on-year

AUM Rs 41.02 lakh crore vs Rs 38.13 lakh crore, up 7.5% year-on-year

VNB Margin 13.6% Vs 15.1% qoq

ONGC (standalone, QoQ)

Income from Ops Rs 42,320 crore versus Rs 34,497 crore quarterly

PAT Rs 15,205 crore versus Rs 8820 crore quarter

EBITDA Rs 25930 crore vs Rs 18590 crore; up 39.5%

Ratanindia Enterprises (Consolidated, YoY)

Income at Rs. 689 crore vs Rs. 1 crore, up 68800%

Lack of Rs 216 crore vs. lack of 0.8 crore

Supriya Lifesciences (Standalone, YoY)

Income at Rs. 101 crore vs Rs. 77 crore, up 31.2%

Web revenue Rs. 25.2 crore vs. Rs. 7.7 cr, up 227.3%

Ebitda Rs. 30.9 crore vs Rs. 15.3 cr, up 102%

EBITDA% at 30.59% vs 19.87%

eureka forbes (Consolidated, YoY)

Income at Rs. 526 crore vs Rs. 1.1 crore, up 47718.2%

Web revenue Rs. 20 crore vs. loss Rs. 0.1 crore

Bajaj Healthcare (YoY)

Income at Rs. 172 crore vs Rs. 185 crore, down -7%

Web revenue Rs. 12 crores vs Rs. 19 crore, down -36.8%

Amritajan Healthcare (YoY)

Income at Rs. 71 crores vs Rs. 78 cr, down -9%

Web revenue Rs. 3.6 crore vs Rs. 12 cr, down -70%

ahluwalia contract (India)

Income at Rs. 609 crore vs Rs. 580 cr, up 5%

Web revenue Rs. 37 crores vs Rs. 35 crore, up 5.7%

varoc engineering (Consolidated, YoY)

Lack of Rs 84 crore vs. lack of Rs 229 crore

Income at Rs. 1635 crore vs Rs. 1201 crore, up 36.1%

Reliance Energy (Consolidated, YoY)

Income at Rs. 2063 crore vs Rs. 2014 crore, up 2.4%

Loss Rs. 71 Crore Vs Revenue Rs. 12.2 crore

JK Cement – Conso- YoY

Rev up at 2270Cr vs 1714Cr YoY

Pat at 161Cr vs 190Cr YoY

EBITDA 403Cr vs 403Cr YoY

Margin at 17.7% vs 23.5% p.a. margin

Honeywell Automation

Rev 786Cr vs 683Cr YoY

Pat 101.9Cr vs 91.5Cr YoY

EBITDA at 122Cr vs 117Cr YoY

Margin 15.5% vs 17.1% on Y-o-Y foundation

Hindustan Copper – Conso YoY

Revive at 348Cr vs 268Cr YoY

Pat 57Cr vs 45.7Cr YoY

EBITDA at 127Cr vs 119Cr YoY

Margin of 36.5% vs. 44.6% YoY

Bajaj Healthcare

172Cr vs 186Cr . rev on

26Cr vs 33.4Cr . EBITDA on

Margin at 15% vs 18%

12Cr vs 19.2Cr . on PAT

campus energetic put on– Conso QoQ

338Cr vs 352Cr . on rave

28.6Cr vs 39.6Cr . on PAT

62Cr vs 78CR . EBITDA on

Margin at 18% vs 22%

Parag Milk Meals Restricted

691Cr vs 438Cr . on rave

10.2Cr vs 17.5Cr . on PAT

24.2Cr vs 44.5Cr . EBITDA on

Margin at 3.5% vs 10.2%

solar gentle – Conso- YoY

1840 Cr vs. 1453 Rev at

EBITDA 69.4Cr vs 91.2Cr . Feather

Margin at 3.7% vs. 6.3%

22.2Cr vs 37.3Cr . on PAT

FIEM Trade– Conso YoY

Rev 442 cr vs 272 cr

29Cr vs 11.3Cr . on PAT

time technoplast

944Cr vs 745Cr . on rave

45.2Cr vs 29Cr . on PAT

EBITDA 124Cr vs 100Cr . Feather

Margin at 13% vs 13.4%

IFGL Refractories

359Cr vs 275Cr . rev on

14.5Cr vs 17.8Cr . on PAT

EBITDA 34.3Cr vs 34Cr . Feather

Margin at 9.5% vs 12.2%

Veranda Studying Answer– Conso YoY

28.2Cr vs 4.9Cr . rev on

20Cr Vs 5.13Cr Loss On Loss

PTC Industries– Conso YoY

46Cr vs 45Cr . on rave

2.9Cr vs 5.23Cr . on PAT

Jain Irrigation – Conso – YoY

2Cr vs 1.8Cr . on rave

5.8Cr vs 13.4Cr Loss on Revenue

gna axle– Conso- YoY

375.2Cr vs 300Cr . on rave

27Cr vs 18.1Cr . on PAT

EBITDA 50.4Cr vs 39Cr . Feather

13.4% vs 13Cr . margin on


212Cr vs 143Cr . on rave

Final yr’s lack of 130 crores vs 45 crores

Himatsingka Seed Restricted– conso

`638Cr vs `815.4Cr at Rev.

Loss 54.7Cr Vs 57.7Cr Achieve

Shares within the information:

Financial institution Of Baroda

Board assembly on August 22 to debate elevating of Basel III Grievance Bonds to Rs 2500 crore

Apollo Tires

Issuance of NCDs on non-public placement foundation as much as Rs.1000 crores

Indiabulls Actual Property

Board approves difficulty of NCDs

Anil Mittal, CFO resigns from 12 August 2022

Dileep Buildcon

Thought of and permitted issuance of NCDs as much as Rs. 1000 crores

Approval for difficulty of business papers as much as Rs. 1000 crores

Megastar Meals

Approval for reappointment of Shri Vikas Goel as Chairman and MD of the Firm with impact from 4th April 2022

Bharat Heavy Electricals

Appointment of Shri Jai Prakash Srivastava as Director with impact from 12 August 2022

Bajaj Electricals

The Board of Administrators approved the administrators to discover the potential of merger, hunch sale or some other different potential route for amalgamation of Nirlep into the corporate.

Ugro Capital

The whole difficulty dimension for NCDs has been revised to Rs. 50 crores with an possibility to take care of oversubscription as much as Rs. 50 crores, taking a complete of Rs. 100 crore

varoc engineering

Ok Mahindra Kumar named as group CFO

Reliance Energy

The corporate says that ‘on the trail of lowering debt from Rs. 1500 crore in FY23’

Bajaj Electricals

Informs the corporate concerning the everlasting closure of operations at Parwanoo unit of the corporate

Unsatisfactory efficiency of the unit with steady working losses regardless of efforts to begin it, making it impracticable to proceed working the unit.


The corporate will make investments Rs 300 crore in Startup Investments (Holding) Restricted, a completely owned subsidiary of the corporate.

SIHL is a holding and funding firm engaged within the enterprise of

energy grid

Appointment of Shri R Ok Tyagi as Director (Operations) on the Board until the date of his retirement i.e. 31.03.2026

Gujarat alkali: from companies

Approval for organising of 105,000 TPA chloromethane plant at Dahej

Gujarat Alkalis and Chemical substances – Estimated undertaking value Rs 8 billion

Gujarat Alkalis and Chemical substances – 105,000 TPA Chloromethane Plant commissioned at Dahej

DFM Meals

Introduction publicizes proposal to delist DFM Meals from inventory exchanges

from companies,

Jindal Metal appoints Bimalendra Jha as Managing Director

NCLT approves merger of Piramal Enterprises

Capability utilization of coal-fired energy crops will improve on robust demand, says NTPC CMD

NMDC CMD mentioned not contemplating funding in new metal tasks

SBI to extend MCLR lending charges by 20 bps on August 15

BPCL to spend Rs 1.4 lakh crore on petchem, fuel enterprise

India CCI approves Adani’s acquisition of Ambuja Cements, ACC


Deputy RBI Gov says:

Rupee has its personal, probably the greatest performing foreign money

India’s international presence needs to be seen in INR by 2030

India to take pleasure in demographic dividend by 2055

India is going through challenges of infrastructure, extremely expert employees

India wants to enhance the participation of girls in jobs

India has sufficient buffer inventory of meals grains

Insider buying and selling

Mind Design’s particular person bought 8000 shares

eMudra KMP bought 35000 shares

Vaibhav World Promoter Group bought 12000 shares

Promoters of Uttam Sugar Mills difficulty pledge on 60 lakh shares

Promoters and administrators of earm pharma promote 15.9 lakh shares

Promoter of Star Housing Finance bought 31780 shares

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